Balego TENS 7000 Unit Reviewed

TENS 7000 Review

Balego® TENS 7000 Over the Counter Analog unit with 3 modes, Timer and Amplitude Cap

The TENS 7000 unit allows you to control your pain using a drug free non-invasive method. This unit has three nodes that help you adjust the setting depending on your needs and also comes with a safety cap that covers the amplitude knobs ensuring the settings are not adjusted mistakenly.

These make of TENS unit has three modes which are the Burst mode, the modulation mode and the constant mode.

These TENS units has a pulse width of 30-260(uS) and a pulse rate of 20-150(Hz). It displays an asymmetrical wave form.

It has dual channels and uses two or four electrodes. This unit has a state of the art processor that provides digital accuracy and has a topical mode.

This TENS unit comes with the following contents:

  • A plastic carrying case
  • Lead wires
  • Electrodes
  • TENS unit
  • Instruction Manual
  • A 9 volts battery.

Most users have described this as a good quality TENS unit that is easy to use and works each time. The overall rating given by those that tested the product was 4.6 stars out of a possible 5 stars. For those on the move, this is the ideal portable TENS unit. Protection Status