Compex Edge Electronic Muscle Stimulator Review

Compex Edge Muscle Stimulator

How does it work?

The Compex Edge Electronic Muscle Stimulator, or EMS for short, provides athletes with a workout alternative, without having to do a workout!  Does this sound interesting to you?


A electronic muscle stimulator operates in exactly the same way as a Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation, or TENS machine.  The EMS controller sends a signal of electrical pulsations down the wires and into the electrode pads which are stuck directly onto the skin. The electrical pulses create a twitching reaction in the muscles, which is totally painless and is safe to use in your own home.

EMS provides a workout for your muscles

Compex Edge Electronic muscle stimulatorThe muscles effectively get a workout as they are stimulated by the electrical pulsations and noticeably twitch as they contract and relax in rhythm with the electrical pulses.  This is why using an EMS machine is such a great benefit to athletes, sports fanatics, and even wannabees, because you don’t actually have to do any physical exercise, and you will get the same effect as full on gym session, depending on what EMS setting you choose.


You can relax while the EMS machine does the work for you

You can even relax and watch TV while letting the machine do the workout session for you!  This sounds too good to be true!  Well in truth, the Compex Edge EMS is purpose built to compliment your exercise regime, rather than replace it.  With the Compex Edge, you can use it before and after exercise, as a tool to improve your warm up routine before an intense workout, or you can use it for a cool down routine.  The Compex Edge has a recovery mode, which is an excellent way to speed up the recovery process after a workout, and you can even use the EMS machine to add an extra workout, in between your normal exercise routines.


Compex Edge does not increase fatigue

All of these settings have the advantage of increasing your muscle development, with no added fatigue or exertion on your cardio vascular system.  In fact when you use the Compex Edge EMS, you will feel more refreshed, energized and totally recovered from any soreness or tiredness that we normally feel after a workout.


How does Electrical Muscle Stimulation work?

The Compex Edge EMS works by generating an electrical impulse into the electrode pads which are stuck onto the outside of your skin, adjacent to the large muscles in your legs and arms.  When the EMS sending a series of pulsating signals, the muscles react by contracting and releasing in sequence with the electrical signal.

EMS can be used for a warm up routineCompex Edge Electronic muscle stimulator

For some of the warm up and recovery settings, the pulsations are very fast, and may not be noticeable, but it does work!  Small fluctuations in the muscle fibers can be very effective are warming up the muscle, increasing the blood flow, and also to get rid of metabolites and lactic acid after an exercise session.

EMS can be used as a workout routine

A stronger pulsation signal can be used to induce stronger contractions in the large muscles, which replicates the workout that the large muscles might receive during a gym session or a weightlifting workout.  The benefit is that because there is no load on the joints and tendons, then the EMS session can actually be more beneficial to muscle development without the risk of doing damage to the joints.

EMS can be used to build muscles and strength

But don’t expect to develop huge muscles while you sit and watch TV!  Yes, an EMS machine can help to build strength and develop muscles, but an EMS unit is intended be used to assist and promote healing and relaxation after physical exercise.   And you still need to do lots of training!


What setting does the Compex Edge provide?

The Compex Edge has 3 levels of intensity to choose from:

  • The Active Recovery Programme is designed to assist in the recovery process after an intense exercise session.  The recovery setting is designed to alleviate the effects of lactic acid build up in the muscles and tissues.  Recovery mode causes the muscle fibers to twitch in a gentle and sooting way to increase blood flow, recover from aching tired muscles, and to relax the long muscles to help to clear the lactic acid from your body faster.
  • The Compex Resistance Programme is an excellent workout used to target muscle development.  This setting operates through an electrical impulse that causes mid strength muscle twitch cycles.  The resistance cycle is suitable for warm up routines, strength and muscle conditioning.
  • The Endurance Programme steps up the intensity a little further.  The endurance setting stimulates an intense muscle twitch which is excellent for building muscle endurance.  The endurance routine will assist to increase muscle density and strength, and is very similar to a full muscle workout in the gym.  But the benefit is that you don’t have to do all the hard work like a gym session!


Summary of the benefits of the Compex Edge EMS for Athletes

The benefit of using a Compex Edge EMS to enhance your workout routine is that there is no cardio vascular fatigue.  So that means you can use the Compex Edge right up to the big event, and you will not suffer any fatigue during competition.

Users report that if you set the EMS machine on a gentle cycle, the Compex Edge provides a soothing massage that can relax the muscles faster.  Sometimes it can be beneficial to have a gentle wind down, both mentally and physically after an intense workout session.


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