TENS machine for back pain

Using a TENS machine for back pain

TENS machine for back PainIf you are looking for a solution for chronic or ongoing back pain, then using a TENS machine for back pain can be a excellent solution.  It is always important to seek medical advice when suffering from back pain, or an injury of any kind.  But why not take the opportunity to discuss how to best to use a TENS machine for back pain with a medical professional?  Most medical professionals recognize the value of using a TENS machine as an important element in the treatment of back pain and the recovery from back injury.

Why do we suffer back pain

So let’s discuss the scenario when you have a back problem of some description.  It could be caused by an injury, or recovery from surgery, or an accident, or some other cause.  No matter what the cause of the back pain, it is common for the nerves around the location of the pain to be jangling and sending out very painful signals to the brain!  We all know what that feels like!  In response to severe pain, our muscles tend to cramp up, and become tense all around the location of the pain.  In response to the tight muscles, we tend to adjust our posture to an abnormal position to try to alleviate the pain and the sore muscles, but this is generally only achieves limited success.  Most commonly, all of this reaction to the back pain just makes the problem worse!

Beware of the pain cycle

The more we try to avoid placing ourselves in a painful situation, or the more we try to compensate for the back pain, we just get more uncomfortable.  The more we hold ourselves awkwardly, the more the muscles get all knotted up in an unfamiliar position, and then we can suffer from cramping muscles, or even muscles spasms.  As if the pain wasn’t bad enough before, when we suffer muscle spasms, it just makes it almost impossible to move around without more pain.  This really becomes a painful cycle that can be difficult to prevent.  The more the muscles tighten up, the more the pain we suffer from the original site of the injury.

How to stop back pain with a TENS machine?TENS machine for back pain

Of course, many people rely on pain medication to try to alleviate the back pain.  But pain medication tends to provide only temporary relief, and when the pain returns, the muscles tighten up again, and nothing has improved.  The other alternative is to seek a massage (if advised by a medical professional) but this can be too painful to contemplate.   When the muscles are badly cramped and tensed, a massage can simply be too painful to release the knots, and therefore, you have to wait until the pain subsides before you can really fix the underlying problem.  Again, back pain can be a really vicious cycle of pain that is difficult to break.

How to break the pain cycle using a TENS machine?

This is where a TENS machine for back pain can be a really effective way to interrupt the pain cycle.  It is important to read the instructions that come with a TENS Machine for the best way to position the electrode pads.  There are different locations depending on the location of the pain, and these can be moved around to the best position.  But when used effectively, a TENS machine for back pain is one of the best ways to interrupt the pain signals to the brain, and offer genuine pain relief.  The nature of a TENS machine treatment is to relax for at least 20 minutes while the TENS machine runs an automatic cycle for pain relief.  In a quiet and relaxed setting, over a course of several treatments, a TENS Machine for back pain can relieve the pain, relax the muscles, and allow the body to heal the sire of the pain.

The best way to use a TENS Machine for back pain

Although a TENS Machine for back pain may not offer relief immediately, it is worth using in conjunction with other methods.  Because over time, using a TENS machine to relieve back pain is one of the most effective methods.  A TENS machine is very effective to interrupt the pain signals, and to allow the muscles to overcome cramping and spasms.  By effectively interrupting the pain cycle, a TENS Machine allows the body to heal better.  The other problem with muscle spasms and cramping is the risk of re-injuring the site of the pain, and causing more damage.  Using pain medication also runs the risk of causing damage when you cannot even feel the pain.  But the back pain always returns later!  The best way to seek long term healing of the injury is to allow the body to heal properly without the risk of causing more damage.

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