AcuKnee Knee Pain Treatment System Review

Do you have problem knees?  If so, let us show you the AcuKnee Knee Pain Treatment System – as the manufacturer of this advanced TENS machine says :

“Because no one should live in pain”

What Does The Acuknee Do?

This relatively new knee pain treatment option is a most exciting development for a whole range of knee and leg ailments, and we have brought this product to you for your consideration.  If you suffer from knee osteoarthritis, pain from rheumatoid arthritis, knee pain from exercise, overuse syndromes, ligament strains, muscle strains, inflammation or other non-surgical knee injuries, then you could potentially save yourself from the cost and hassle of surgical intervention.  As well as having been shown to successfully alleviate these conditions, the AcuKnee can also assist your recovery and residual pain from meniscus or other knee reconstructive surgery.

Advanced Tens UnitThe AcuKnee is more than an advanced TENS unit

What Is The Acuknee?

Whilst the Acuknee is a TENS machine (it has 7 TENS modes), it also has 7 NMES modes and what is known as a HAN mode.

TENS stands for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation and is a pain therapy  whereby mild, high frequency, electrical impulses (of particular characteristics – i.e. Frequency and Pulsewidth) are transmuted through the skin via surface electrodes to modify the body’s pain perception. It does not cure pain; it only helps to control the perception of pain and help the sufferer to cope with the pain.  Read more about the theory behind a TENS machine HERE.

HAN therapy TENS is a mode of TENS therapy, which provides a specific combination of high and low frequency stimulation, and is named after the the developer of this particular sequencing of stimulation frequencies, Dr. Ji Sheng Han in 1991.

NMS stands for Neuro Muscular Stimulation and is used to stimulate muscle to treat a number of muscle and nerve related conditions. NMS effectively makes the muscles exercise and will increase the blood circulation to injured areas, get muscles moving and loosen joints and strengthen muscle groups.

So the product is a very advanced electrotherapy treatment device combined with a durable neoprene brace which wraps around the affected knee.  The electrodes – these are the pads that are adhered to the skin in the treatment area to couple the electrotherapy treatment into the body – are also precisely positioned “precise electrode placement” on the body because they are strategically positioned within the knee brace.  For this reason, the AcuKnee comes in ‘left’ and ‘right’, depending upon which knee you need to treat.
So it’s the combination of precise placement of the electrodes and electrotherapy treatment options, as well as the ‘set and forget’ program that makes the device so easy to use and apparently so very effective.

So How Does The AcuKnee Work?

Using the latest research and technology related to neuro-modulation (technology that acts directly upon nerves – the alteration—or modulation—of nerve activity by delivering electrical or pharmaceutical agents directly to a target area), the AcuKnee delivers a sequence of electro-pulses with a sophisticated output device and this has been shown to reduce and eliminate pain and inflammation associated with knee injuries and arthritis with a neoprene knee sleeve.  The AcuKnee treatment works by enhancing the body’s natural healing mechanisms and suppressing pain and inflammation.

AcuKnee advanced TENS unit fittedKey Features

•    The AcuKneeTM is an FDA cleared, class 2 medical device;

•    The System is all inclusive, including Spectra 360 conduction Gel, and the “patent pending” compression wrap (that is what ensures maximum therapeutic effect of the device) and long lasting innovative Velcro backed electrodes;

AcuKnee advanced TENS unit components

•    The AcuKnee comes in ‘left’ and ‘right’ versions, depending upon which knee you need to treat.  The AcuKnee is described by the manufacturer as a precision electrotherapy system (EPI), whereby the position of the electrodes is very important to achieve optimum results;

•    The device comes with a full User Manual and Full Instructions, which are also conveniently downloadable from the manufacturer’s website, should you ever lose or misplace them;

•    The System includes the PainWarrior Main Unit, Electrodes, the AcuKnee Cuff, Battery, Leads, a Garment Belt and User’s Manual;

AcuKnee System Components Terms


•    The AcuKnee can be purchased without a prescription;

•    If the use of the device proves to be successful for your particular ailment, it is a solution that is a fraction of the cost of surgical treatments, and it is one of the best knee pain treatment at home;

•    The cost of the device may even be reimbursable under some insurance plans – make sure you enquire with your individual service provider;

•    The device is easy to use – the operation of it is fully automated so the user can “set and forget”. The machine controls the dwell time, electrode positioning and polarity with a simple One-Touch 30 minute program which can be used daily.

•    Upon delivery, the system is all inclusive and ready to use including Spectra 360 conduction Gel, and the “patent pending” compression wrap (that is what ensures maximum therapeutic effect of the device) and long lasting innovative Velcro backed electrodes. It arrives pre-programmed with electrodes connected and ready to use

•    The AcuKnee comes with a thirty day return policy, if you are not completely satisfied.  The manufacturer says this is unheard of in medical device circles – products like this are never accepted as returns because they have been used on the person and cannot be refurbished and resold. Note : They do charge a 10%-15% return fee – they say because the gel and electrodes are not reusable.

•    The AcuKnee was developed by a Certified Anesthesiologist and Pain Specialist, Dr Martin Brown, and has been extensively researched, tested and refined using the most accurate scientific methods.

•    The device has been clinically tested and proven to be perfectly safe for domestic use, and is renowned as the best therapy for knee pain;

•    If your AcuKnee is defective, the company honor a three year full replacement guarantee.


•    Isolated cases of skin irritation may occur at the site of the electrode placement following long-term application.

•    If you have two bad knees and a low budget, having to purchase two machines may not be possible.

•    The device comes in one standard size – those requiring a larger fit may have the option of a custom design.  The cost of this service is unknown but available by contacting the manufacturer.

•    This is an affordable system, relatively speaking, but not cheap.  Should you be one of the rare people who finds that they gain no benefit from using the Acuknee system, you may find you want to recoup your outlay.  However, with a 30 day ‘no questions asked’ return policy – and a company that apparently is very spot-on with their customer service – we expect you’d be unlikely to end up out-of-pocket. Note : They do charge a 10%-15% return fee – they say because the gel and electrodes are not reusable.

On one place on the manufacturer website the return fee is 10% and on another page the return fee is stated to be 15%, so if this is critical to your decision, you may want to clarify this figure before purchasing.


The hand held controller is the size of a chunky hand held mobile phone, so this is a very portable tens device.  The compression knee wrap covers from mid-thigh to mid-calf, approximately 10 inches long.
A 100ml tube of Spectra 360 conduction Gel is included, as well as 4 electrodes, but you can easily buy more Tens Machine Replacement Pads whenever you need them.   The size of the overall package is 10in x 7in x 2in and total weight is 1.2lbs.
Replacement electrodes and conduction Gel are readily available on Amazon.


The price of the system is around the mid to high $USD200 mark.  Check Here for the latest pricing on Amazon. Check for Current Pricing

Consumer Ratings

Reading through the many reviews on this product, both on the manufacturer’s website and by Amazon customers, one is struck by the overwhelming sense of relief that many of those who wrote in have experienced as a result of using the Acuknee system.  There are the reviews that state that they are ‘pleased’ with the results, but there are more still who claim that the AcuKnee has “changed my life” and “I love my AcuKnee”.  “Acuknee was an absolute game changer for me.” “This is a miracle machine.”

There are also frequent references to the high level of customer service given by the manufacturer – which is pleasing to hear when dealing with relatively new medical technology.  One thing you don’t want when you’re dealing with pain and expensive medical assistance is doubt and anxiety about where your hard earned dollars are going when you’re paying for treatments. “Don’t hesitate to call them; they’re very eager to help” said one reviewer.

Our Random Observations

This product reeks of fantastic breakthrough success-story, with a passionate and highly intelligent medical professional pushing this through the regulatory channels to get ‘his baby’ out to the people he wants to help.  One reviewer tells of finding himself on the other end of the phone to Dr Martin Brown himself, receiving effectively a personal consultation.  There does not appear to be an ounce of ‘big company’ indifference around the AcuKnee business and we think the consumer can take heart from this.

Had to have a giggle : a statement in the User Manual goes like this “Before using the PainWarrior® (the hand unit in the AcuKnee System) please consult your physician if you are experiencing or have any of the following conditions:
– an acute disease.
– malignant tumor.
– infectious disease.
– heart disease.
– high fever.
– abnormal blood pressure
– skin sensory disorders or skin problems.
– hernia (abdominal or inguinal).
– any serious illness.
– prone to impulsive, foolish or stupid decisions    (LOL!)

Manufacturer Video

Legal Disclaimer

You Should Consult Your Physician Prior to Use, and You Should Use the AcuKnee tens machine Only As Directed by the Instructions Provided with the Product.  If in Any Doubt, Contact the Manufacturer. Protection Status