Before purchasing a TENS machine, you need to first understand what it is and what exactly it is used for. You also need to understand why you need it. Once you have established what the basic operational is for a TENS machines, you will be able to evaluate the model in accordance to the pain relief you are anticipating to receive. Next you need to understand what key features you are looking for in TENS machines. You need to consider the number of electrodes, the number of channels and many other things. Below are the factors to consider when buying one of these machines:


What’s in the Deal?

Look at what additional things come with the package. Some TENS units will come with spare electrodes or gel which would have been items you would have been forced to buy if they weren’t included in the deal. Look to see if the TENS unit comes with a spare battery or if it is contained in a case. Also look to see if you have the options of making changes on the already available items. If you do not like the way the electrodes perform then you might want to replace these with others.


The System

When you are looking at the basic system of a TENS unit, you want to first start with the buttons or touch pads. You need to consider if these controls can be mistakenly adjusted. This could cause an increase in the power surge flowing through the electrodes and may not be comfortable. It could even lead to pain. The option you want to look for is one that has a cover over the controls. This will help avoid any accidental adjustment of the settings.

Size of Display

Also, when buying a TENS unit, you need to consider the size of the display. The unit should have a clear enough LED display unit which allows one to easily read the displays on the screen. The controls should be clearly labeled and easy to control allowing one to make any necessary changes with ease. The battery compartment should be easily accessible allowing change of batteries to be a quick, one off process. Ensure that the TENS unit has an AC adapter so that you do not have to use up your batteries if you have the ability to set up near a power source.

The Supplier

It is also important to evaluate the company that has manufactured the TENS unit and also the retailer selling them. Read any reviews you can come across on the company. It is important to read as many reviews as you can come across to ensure that they are bent on delivering quality.


A long warranty is a good indicator that the supplier is confident about the quality of their products and is committed to customer satisfaction. Do not brush aside a certain product just because a few people have complained about it. There are those people who are complainers by nature and tend to bad-mouth each and every product. Finally, take your time before coming to a conclusion. You never know, the best bet might be just around the corner.

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