HealthmateForever TENS unit Pro12AB review

HealthMateForever best tens machineHealthmateForever TENS unit Pro12AB Review

Pain is not something to be treated with indifference, and when the doctor’s suggestions just don’t seem to work you can always consider an easy and simple alternative. Most pain sufferers consider the HealthmateForever TENS unit Pro12AB to be the best answer to alleviating pain quickly and efficiently while taking a walk, a nap, or working out in the gym.  This amazing piece of technology only costs about $180 (it’s on sale now!) and it comes with a series of great features that can be extremely helpful in various situations.

HealthMateForever has everything includedbest tens unit

The package comes with 2 series of pads (2.5 inches each), 1 TENS device, 2 electrode leads and the means to charge the batteries even while you are using the device (one USB extension wire in case you want to charge it from your laptop and 1 A/C adapter).  The two series of pads are programmed to work on two different areas of your body with two different levels of pain relief. They can massage the area at different intensity (you can set it manually), but only under the same program. The settings for separate areas are easy to manage with two separate controls, one for each area.

The HealthmateForever TENS unit is very easy to use

best tens unitThe HealthmateForever TENS unit Pro12AB is equipped with a big LCD screen (with back light so that you can control it in low light conditions) that displays all the necessary settings. Thanks to this screen you will be able to use the device during the night without having to turn on the lights, or even during the day if you want to take it outdoors.  There are 12 therapeutic modes that you can choose from and they vary in intensity and power.  Also, you can set your own time using the timer, which allows you to run for the maximum treatment time of each session up to 80 minutes.

The HealthmateForever TENS unit Pro12AB is amazing for alleviating pain localized in the back, shoulders, hips, legs or pain that is the result of an injury or surgery.  Many pain sufferers appreciate the massage properties as being very close to the real thing and many people claim that they have swapped their therapist sessions for TENS treatment, since they can much more simply and easily treat their painful areas with this device. It is extremely easy to use and the package comes with a complete set of instructions and images that describe how each setting works.

What we really liked about this device is the size which allows for great portability. You can simply toss it in the bag and take it with you wherever you’re going.  Also, another great feature is the double channel possibilities.  Using one machine that can work on two different areas simultaneously allows you to cut the massage time in half. No more long drives up to the therapist’s office and no more waiting to get your massage. With the HealthmateForever TENS unit Pro12AB you get to use it whenever you want and wherever you want.


The HealthmateForever TENS unit is Cleared by the FDAbest tens unit

The device is approved by the FDA and you don’t need a prescription in order to purchase or use it. It is completely safe and comfortable to use. The pads are auto adhesive and they stay in place until the session is over. You should know that they will wear off after a series of uses but you can always order more from the producer.  If you use the device multiple times a day, it’s recommended to stock up with an entire box of these.

In summary, the Pro12AB Tens Unit from HealthMateForever puts you back in control.  In control of your aches and pains, in control of the time you need for treatment, and in control of the costs of those treatments.  No longer do you have to grimace at the time and expense of visiting the physio therapist or masseuse, you can simply and easily switch on the HealthMateForever Tens Machine, and go about your normal day – no fuss, no pain, and no worries! Protection Status