Compex Electronic Muscle Stimulator Reviews

Compex is a Renowned Manufacturer of Electronic Muscle Stimulator (EMS) Devices

Compex Sport EMS devices Electronic Muscle StimulatorCompex have designed and manufactured a range of electrotherapy devices, and are the experts in electric muscle stimulator (EMS) devices, and provide a range of EMS devices, electrodes and EMS systems to improve muscle stimulation.  Similar to TENS machines, an EMS unit can be used for muscle stimulation, muscle relaxation, recovery from muscle injuries, and to prevent ongoing muscle injuries.

These EMS devices operate in the same ways as TENS units, and can be used by people suffering from muscular aches and pains, or those recovering from injuries, as well as serious athletes who are seeking to gain a competitive edge.  People suffering pain or injury can use the devices to alleviate pain, relax the injured muscles, and to speed up the healing process.  Athletes can use the EMS systems to improve their training regimes, to improve their recovery times in between training sessions, and to relax tired and stressed muscles.

Compex Sports EMS Devices

Compex produce a range of Electronic Muscle Stimulator devices which are suitable for those looking to improve their workout regime, all the way up to professional athletes.

Compex EMS units are easy to use, all you need to do is attach the electrodes onto your skin, and pulses are transmitted into the muscle. The Compex Electrodes are easy clip on units, and the pads are coated with a re-usable adhesive, which is specially formulated to stick to your skin.  The electrodes and pads are totally re-usable and each electrode should last 15 to 20 sessions.

We will review each of the Compex models below, so that you can decide which is most suitable for your individual requirements.

Compex Sports EMS Reviews

Compex Sports Electronic Muscle Stimulator MachineYou don’t have to take my word for all of this!  Let’s take a look at some product reviews:

Football fanatic:  “This is an incredible workout machine!  My coach has taught the whole team how to use these simple and effective devices and he swears by them.  The whole team now can’t wait to get plugged in before and after a game, they are excellent for warm ups and cool downs.  I really love the buzz that my muscles get from the warm up program, and the EMS session really helps to take away the muscle aches and pains after the game.  It is just like a massage!”

Gym junkie:  “I started to use the EMS Sport Elite as part of my workout routine, and it certainly adds another dimension to every session.  But then I started using EMS at home to relax my muscles to try to speed up recovery.  This was working so well, that I decided to try a strength session at home.  It worked great, and I was watching television at the same time!  And I got an extra strength workout in between my daily gym sessions.  I can really feel the improvement, and I am less sore in between sessions – this is great!”


1.  Compex Edge Electronic Muscle Stimulator Kit

Compex Sport EMS Devices Electronic Muscle StimulatorThe Compex Edge Electronic Muscle Stimulator is an all around recovery and training enhancement tool, whether you want to improve your training session, recover from your last training session, or increase your training intensity.  Electronic Muscle Stimulation can be quite a rugged process and after a session, you will certainly feel like you have been through a workout!  Make sure you check out the video of an EMS session before you commit to buying one of these units.

Compex Edge EMS Machine

But you can be assured that EMS is safe to use, and once you become familiar with the process, the Compex Edge EMS is perfectly safe to use at home, and to enhance your fitness regime.  When used in combination with your normal training and exercise regime, the EMS technology can help to improve the effect you get from the workout, as well as to recover more quickly from exercise.

In addition to enhancing your workout, you can also use the Compex Edge EMS to warm up and get ready for your workout, or use the device to warm down afterwards.  Users report that set on a gentle cycle, EMS provides a soothing effect that can relax the muscles much faster than a normal cool down, and provide an ideal way to wind down physically and mentally after an intense session.

The Compex Edge EMS has 3 levels of intensity to choose from:

  • Resistance programme can be used to target muscle development, through a combination of muscle twitch cycles, for warm up, strength work, and muscle toning.
  • Active Recovery Programme can be used to recover from the effects of lactic acid build up in the muscle tissue.  This setting acts to twitch the muscles in such as way as to improve blood flow, overcome muscle soreness and tightness, and to relax the long muscles to help to clear the lactic acid deposits.
  • The Endurance Programme is where the real workout happens, and this setting stimulates the full muscle twitching reflex which acts to build muscle endurance.  It will assist to build muscle density and strength, and generally provide a full muscle workout in the same way that a gym session provides a full muscle workout – without all the hard work like a gym session!

The best part about using a Compex Edge EMS to enhance your training session is that you don’t need to work up any cardio vascular fatigue, so that means you save yourself for full performance during competition.

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2.  Compex Performance Electronic Muscle Stimulator Kit

Compex Sport EMS Devices
The Compex Performance Electronic Muscle Stimulator is the next model in the Compex Sports EMS range.

The Compex Performance Muscle Stimulator Kit is suggested as a suitable option if you are a fitness enthusiast or exercise junkie. If you like to work out frequently and you need to speed up recovery process, then you will find the Compex performance is tailored for your needs.

It features 5 different settings, with 5 power level programs so that you can choose the best way to assist your workout regime.   Not only can you sped up the recovery time in between sessions, but you can use this device in your downtime, and you get the benefit of an extra workout for free.  Let’s see how it works.

Compex Performance EMS Machine

The Compex Performance model includes each of the settings described under the Compex Edge EMS device above.  These include resistance programme, recovery programme and endurance settings.

With the Compex performance model, you have the option to choose the strength programme which targets the long muscles in the body, and increases sheer power through a series of muscle stimulations.  At high power, this is a serious workout, but with less risk of impact injuries on the joints, and very little fatigue on cardio vascular system.

At the other end of the power spectrum, you can choose the warm-up programme which delivers a much more gentle stimulation.  This setting doesn’t actually contract the muscle like a work out, but runs at a higher frequency, which is excellent to increase blood flow and build up the oxygen supply prior to a workout or a game, or wherever you need to be at peak performance.

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3. Compex Sport Elite Electronic Muscle Stimulator Kit

Compex Sport EMS Devices Electronic Muscle StimulatorAs the name suggests, the Compex Sport Elite EMS machine is suitable for professional athletes, or high performance sporting teams.  When sporting performance has to be optimised for a sports meet, big game day, or when you need a quick turnaround from one session to the next, the best way to prepare for that big day is to use the Compex Sport Elite EMS.

With a total of 9 levels of performance, you can choose the exact settings that you need to graduate through the power settings as needed.

In addition to strength and power work outs, the Compex Sport Elite involves an endurance setting to improve aerobic fitness for endurance sports, and helps to build endurance performance.  There is an explosive power setting that is excellent for developing short duration strength, which is the equivalent of a weight lifting workout, with out the stress on joints and tendons.

Compex Sport Elite EMS – warm up to cool down

There is a potentiation programme which provides a faster than normal warm up routine, in addition to the normal warm up programme settings.

There are additional recovery settings also, such as the active recovery programme to aid muscle relaxation, recovery from stiffness and soreness, but does not cause the strong muscles contractions when the muscles are already tired.

One of the best additional programmes is the massage setting, which is designed to give all the benefits of deep tissue massage.  Massage has long been known to be the most effective way to speed up recovery by eliminating waste products from the muscles, and improve blood circulation, by alternatively compressing and releasing the capillaries between the muscle fibers.

With a Compex Sport Elite EMS unit, you can manage your own exercise, training and recovery regime from the comfort of your own home.  You can maintain control over the whole process from warm up, to conditioning, to strengthening, and even the cool down and recovery, which means you get a personal performance edge.

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4.  Compex Wireless USA Electronic Muscle Stimulator Kit

Compex Sport EMS Devices Electronic Muscle StimulatorThe wireless feature is awesome…I’m able to use it so much more easily as I move or even while I’m coaching classes without the tangle of a bunch of wires. I highly recommend this!

The Compex Wireless USA EMS kit is the ultimate performance buzz.  This device will take your workout regime to the next level, and when combined with your normal training and exercise regime will produce stunning improvements.

This device is designed to assist you to reach your peak performance, and you can achieve this from the comfort of your own home, or in between training sessions, so you don’t have to work out any harder or longer to achieve bigger and better results!

No more hassles with wires and leads, and no more tangles – the Compex Wireless electronic muscle stimulator connects directly from the control unit to the electrodes which are stuck onto your skin.  You have complete control over the device with easy to use programme selectors, and you have a total of 9 different levels to choose from.

This device costs a little more, but it much easier to use, has none of the hassles with leads and wires, and you have complete freedom to move around during a treatment session so that you can get the full benefit and achieve you peak performance.

The Compex Wireless EMS has 9 programme settings to choose from:

Here is a list of the available programme setting levels:

  • Resistance programme for muscle development, this programme acts by alternately compressing and releasing the muscles which is excellent for warm up, strength work, and training sessions.
  • Active Recovery Programme can be used to recover from the effects of lactic acid build up in the muscle tissue.  This setting acts to twitch the muscles in such as way as to improve blood flow, overcome muscle soreness and tightness, and to relax the long muscles to help to clear the lactic acid deposits.
  • The Endurance Programme is just like a real workout, and this setting triggers full muscle compressions and releases, which acts to build muscle endurance.
  • The Strength programme is designed to build muscle strength and muscle bulk, and also simulates a full workout in the gym – without all the hard work like a gym session!
  • The explosive strength setting is designed to exaggerate the effects of intense weight training, but without the strain on joints and tendons!
  • The potentiation session is used when you need a faster warm up routine, and really gets the blood pumping around your large muscle areas.
  • The Pre Warm up routine is a gentle programme to be used in combination with your normal warm up routine, and this setting prepares your body for exercise but causes no exertion, and therefore saves all your energy for the main event.
  • The Recovery Plus programme is a little more gentle recovery process that does not cause large contractions of the muscles, and therefore increases relaxation after strenuous activity, and is excellent for alleviating muscle soreness and tiredness.
  • And lastly, don’t forget the massage setting which can be used before a big performance, during game day, such as at half time break, after the game for relaxation and recovery, as well as any time during your normal routine, to aid in relaxation and beating fatigue.

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Compex Easy Snap Performance Electrodes

(2” x 2” – 20 Pack)

EMS replacement padsIf you need additional electrodes for your workout regime, check out the replacement pads at Amazon – you can buy the exact replacement parts for the Compex EMS machine.

No matter whether you need the square or rectangular pads, just check out your requirements and you can replace them as often as you need more!

Compex Easy Snap Performance Electrodes

(2” x 4” – 10 Pack)

When you need replacement pads and electrodes for your Compex Sport EMS device, it is a simple task to go to the Amazon store and buy replacement electrode pads – click here. Protection Status