HealthmateForever Dual Channel TENS unit

HealthMateForever best tens unit machine

HealthmateForever Dual Channel TENS unit

Do you suffer annoying pain?  Do you seek relieve from discomfort using expensive massage therapy, or physiotherapy?  Would you be interested in a modern electrotherapy device that can replace your day to day massage therapist?  Would you be interested in applying a simple pain relief machine in the comfort of your own home and saving the cost of those expensive visits to the therapist clinic?

The HealthmateForever Dual Channel TENS unit is your best friend when it comes to alleviating pain and offering a relaxing massage in the comfort of your own home.  For around $100 (as listed for sale on Amazon right now) you can have your own personal massager at home, available for you anytime you need it.  This tens unit is probably one of the premium TENS units for sale right now.  You no longer need to drive and sit for hours in waiting rooms; the HealthmateForever Dual Channel can take away the cost and wasted time to visit the therapist, at the same time as getting rid of the pain and discomfort.

The HealthmateForever Dual Channel TENS Unit is simple to use

This TENS unit device is no bigger than a mobile phone and it’s extremely easy to walk around with it in your pocket. The instructions are clear, easy to understand and they come with the package. You will also get the medical TENS unit device as well as 3 sets of wires for the electrode, 8 electrode pads, 1 A/C adapter, and 1 USB charger. Besides these items, the package also comes with a series of books and instructions on how to use different settings. This is actually one of the most amazing features that this device offers: you don’t need any professional supervision or prescription in order to use it.

The HealthmateForever Dual Channel TENS machine is equipped with a built in timer that allows you to set the time for the massage and allows you to relax, or watch TV, or even take a nap during the treatment. When the timer stops so does the device, so it’s perfectly safe to leave the machine do the work without constant supervision.  The TENS unit comes with a built in Lithium rechargeable battery, which means that you don’t have to worry about buying new batteries and throwing away the used ones. The TENS EMS bioelectrical stimulator is state of the art technology for muscle stimulation and allows the device to implement various styles of massaging.  Starting with ancient Chinese techniques and up to modern ones, the HealthmateForever TENS unit has been custom designed to make your life easier.

The device is easy to set up and, to make sure anyone can see the settings, the manufacturer has implemented a large, backlight LCD screen.  This screen is the main control panel, and helps you to select the mode of the massage, the intensity and the level of power with a few simple clicks.  In total there are 6 programmable modes of massaging and 20 different levels of strength.  If you’re not a fan of just one single mode for the entire session, you can activate yet another custom feature that will apply all the programs in one session, rotating through each of the massage modes in turn, to give you an all round work out!

Unlike other TENS units, the pads stick to the skin well and they don’t wear off very quickly.  You will be able to re-use the electrodes several times before they will need to be replaced, so you certainly get good value for money.  One of the things we really liked, besides the variety of programs and settings, is the fact that you can use it while plugged into the re charger.  You don’t have to wait for a full charge, if the battery runs low, you can simply place the machine in the recharging socket and go on with your session.


In Summary: the HealthmateForever Dual Channel TENS unit

The HealthmateForever Dual Channel TENS unit machine is definitely an amazing device that is worth the investment!  Once you learn the most effective mode of operation for your discomfort, and factor several therapy sessions into your day, you will find that this TENS unit can provide a huge relief from the pain that you have become accustomed to, but no longer need to suffer!

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