TechCare S TENS Massager Unit Review

TechCare S TENS Massager For The Most Affordable Side Effect and Drug Free Pain Relief

A TENS unit is a therapeutic, drug free medical device that can be used to help people who suffer from a wide range of medical conditions such as diabetes symptoms, arthritis, tendonitis, headaches, migraine, lactic, nerve disorder, plantar fasciitis, tennis elbow, golf elbow, post labor pain, neuropathy, carpal tunnel, calve injury, tendonitis, sciatica, chronic neck, back or shoulder pain.

Tens units are a tried and trusted method for alleviating pain that has been used for years by medical practitioners, such as chiropractors and physio therapists. Electronic pulses get right to the source of the pain, and really get the knots out and gives the all benefits of deep tissue massage. The thing is, if you go to a chiropractor or a masseuse, then each session is going to cost you over $100 for pain relief.

TechCare saw the opportunity to help people manage their pain and relieve the stress from their lives by designing and manufacturing a portable TENS device at affordable price.


TechCare Product Update!

TechCare TENS unit  The latest product in the line of TechCare TENS Massage devices is the Pulse Massager Muscle Stimulation Machine.  This TENS Machine from TechCare provides pain relief from the application of TENS technology as well as gentle muscle stimulation to relax and relieve pain from muscle tension.  This TENS machine is a best seller tens unit on Amazon, and comes in at a very affordable price at well under $50.  The features of the TechCare massager TENS unit are the simple operations and instructions with 24 pre set massage modes.  The TechCare TENS unit comes with no hassle lifetime warranty.  The TechCare TENS Machine also comes with rechargeable battery, large lcd screen and many more features. That’s why the Wirecutter, New York Times company chose the TechCare tens unit as the best tens unit on the market.

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What is in the TechCare Tens package ?

  • TechCare S TENS Unit Controller
  • Fat-Burner Large Surface Massager Belt
  • 8 Pair of pads of Electrodes (FDA 510K Cleared)
  • 2 Output Electrode Cables
  • USB Charger Cable
  • Wallplug Power Adapter to USB
  • Users Manual and instructions
  • Schematic Presentation of Treatment Points Sheet
  • Pad Holder and Cable organizer


TechCare S TENS Unit ControllerBest TENS Unit

Since the TechCare mission is to provide affordable side effect-free treatment, they have built in lithium batteries instead of AAA batteries that you need to replace every week. Market leading rechargeable batteries can last up to 72 hours of usage without recharging. You can also charge the batteries anywhere with the USB or wall outlet.

TechCare S TENS unit massager has 6 different massage modes and each mode has 20 strength levels for you to find the most suitable massage for your pain relief or relaxation session.  The human body can build up tolerance after regular use of a TENS device, so it is best to start from low strength intensity and increase it over time. You can change the modes at the touch of a button by simply pressing the “M” button and to adjust the intensity, all you need to do is press the “+” and “-“ buttons to suit your individual requirements.

The TechCare S TENS machine also has 2 outputs to connect 2 output electrode cables which enables you to deliver electronic pulses from 4 different sources or 2 pads and 1 belt. The TechCare S TENS massager is very flexible and gives you the best opportunity to both heal and relax at the same time.

You can set the automatic timer on the TechCare S Massager by pressing “T” button, all modes automatically set to 20 minutes and each click on the “T” button will add 10 minutes to your timer. You can fall asleep while receiving a massage and wake up like you were born again.


TechCare S TENS Fat Burner Large Surface Massager Belt

Now if you want to step it up a little and use the Fat Burner mode, the TechCare TENS machine comes with a clip on fat burner large surface massager belt which is great if you suffer from large area of pain and abdominal pains. It is also proven that electric impulses help you burn more fat if you use it before and after exercise.

Reusable Electrodes Sticky Pads (FDA 510K Cleared)

This deal comes with 8 pair of pads. These reusable self-adhesive pads will last up to 50-70 uses. The trick is to wipe your skin before each use and keep them on the pad holder. You can clean the pads with hand sanitizer or alcohol after each usage. With extra sets of spare pads that come with the TechCare TENS pack, you will not need extra electrode pads for a long time.


TechCare S TENS Unit Output Electrode Cables

High quality thick output electrode cables have 2 outputs each, with 2 cables, so you can massage up to 4 points at the same time or you can use it with your partner and you can both receive a TechCare Tens massage at the same time. The most common combo is to use these with 2 pads and a belt. For example, for leg pain, you can strap on the belt a few inches above the pain area and stick the pads directly onto the painful area.


USB Charger Cable and Wallplug Power Adapter to USB

We just wanted to make sure, you will never run out of battery charge for this product. You can charge this product anywhere which has USB output, and when you can’t find a USB outlet, you can use the high quality power adapter plug to charge your device. Since the device has the best batteries on the market, you will need to charge it only every few months. (depending on the usage)


TechCare User Manual, Instructions and Schematic Presentation of Normal Treatment PointsBest TENS Unit


The User manual and instructions shows the easy ways to setup your first TENS machine massage session. Treatment point charts will show you exact spots to put the electrode pads for your individual requirements and whatever treatment you choose.


TechCare Pad Holder and Cable organizer:

This plastic organizer from TechCare will help you to keep your reusable sticky pads clean while increasing their lifetime and keep the cables stored neat.


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