truMedic Micro Tens II Review

truMedic Micro Tens II

Electronic Pulse Massager Review

Here at, we are always on the lookout for the latest technological advance that can offer you some way to get ahead of the daily challenges in life, and we believe we have found an excellent pain relief device in the truMedic Micro TENS II.  The beauty of this device is that is a truly portable TENS pain relief unit that is aimed at relieving the aches and pains for those who need to travel or commute for a large part of their daily routine.

For most people, a TENS unit is a life saver, when you can find some time to relax at home, and switch on your TENS machine to find a little relief from those nagging aches and pains.  But for those who have to commute to the office each day, the time available for pain relief from their TENS machine is rather more limited.

Welcome the truMedic Micro TENS II Electronic Pulse Massager!truMedic Micro II - closeup

Now you can switch over to a very handy and very small TENS unit that is truly portable, and you can travel with virtually no encumbrance, and still keep your TENS machine pulsing away just how you like it.  No need to switch off your trusted pain relief TENS machine at home, and face up to a day of pain – now you can take your portable TENS unit with you all day.


How does a truMedic Micro

TENS Machine work?

If you suffer from muscular or skeletal pain, either from injury or from chronic disease such as arthritis, then one of the most likely treatment options to relieve the symptoms of pain is the application of transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, or TENS for short.  The TENS machine operates through painless electrodes which are positioned at optimal sites around the location of the pain (the instructions will show you what to do) and then the control unit sends pulses of electrical energy to the electrodes.  You won’t feel any electrical shock, but the muscles will react with a slight twitching sensation which is pain free and harmless.  The action of the electrical pulsations stimulate the nerves and muscles around the injury location, which interrupt the pain signals being sent through the nerves and back to the brain.  If the brain signal is sufficiently interfered, the brain does not register the amount of pain that it would otherwise receive, and with repeated application of the TENS machine, your pain can be greatly reduced, until such time as it can even be eliminated, allowing your body to heal faster.truMedic Micro II - how to use

Used in conjunction with pain relieving medication, a TENS machine can actually provide a reduced healing time for those chronic aches and pains.  By relieving the localised pain at the sight of an injury or muscle damage, a TENS machine can actually release the muscle stress and joint tension which are the major contributors to pain around an injury.  By relieving the muscle tension, the muscle fibres and joint tissues are able to knit back together in a much more relaxed healing process, and thus a speedier time for recovery.


You can use the truMedic Micro TENS II

at work, at home, or while you sleeptruMedic Micro TENS II electronic massager review

The truMedic Micro TENS II delivers safe and pain free pulsations of electrical current for rapid pain relief that gets right to the source of your pain, whether it be caused by an injury, or whether it is more chronic pain such as arthritis.  This Micro Tens Unit is very lightweight, and extremely portable so that you can take it with you in the car, or on the bus or train.  The daily commute is an excellent opportunity to sneak in a little extra pain relief session, as these times tend to increase our stress and tension, which is never a good way to overcome pain from muscle tightness.  Normally the time spend commuting is completely wasted anyway, so by adding a little extra time with the TENS unit pulsing away is a much better use of the time.  The best part is, no one will even know you have it switched on as it is completely discreet, the electrodes can be hidden under your clothing, and the control unit is wireless, so you can switch it on and simply sit back and relax on your journey.

Or better still, if you need more pain relief, why not switch it on at night time?  The truMedic Micro TENS II is an awesome device to help you get to sleep at night, because the gentle pulsing of the electrodes takes the pain away immediately, and helps you to relax and get a perfect night’s sleep.  Don’t worry about the TENS unit, all you have to do is select a suitable setting for night time, and lay back and relax.  The instructions will show you how to set the device for optimum relief from whatever type of pain and whatever location you are felling your worst pain.

The truMedic Micro TENS II

has all the control settings you needtruMedic Micro TENS II review

In addition to the control settings for commuting, sleeping, traveling, or simply sitting at your desk, the truMedic Micro TENS II allows you to remain in complete control.  The Micro Tens unit allows you to select from different treatment options depending on the strength of your pain, the location of your pain or injury, the length of time you wish to apply the treatment, and the intensity level that you prefer.

truMedic Micro TENS II – Summary

You will truly appreciate the benefits of the truMedic Micro Tens II as part of your daily pain relief program, as this device does not restrict usage for when you are at home or visiting the physio therapist.  This extremely compact Micro Tens Unit is available as an over the counter pain relief device that unlike medication, you can use over and over again to provide ongoing pain relief, rather than a one shot system that invariably requires increased doses to remain effective.  The truMedic Micro TENS II uses electrical pulsations to stimulate the muscles and at the same time, it disrupts the nerve signals directly at the source of the pain or injury.

With regular and appropriate use of the truMedic Micro TENS, pain sufferers report that the device not only reduces the symptoms of pain, but they can become pain free after repeated applications, and find a truly relaxed state which helps the healing process.

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