How to Choose an Electric Foot Massager – The Ultimate Guide

How to Choose an Electric Foot Massager?

Do you suffer from tired and aching feet at the end of a busy day?  Do you suffer from swelling around the lower legs and ankles?  Do you enjoy a relaxing foot massage to ease the tension or just to keep your feet warm during those cold winter days?  One of the best ways that you can solve these problems is to choose an electric foot massager.  In case you have never tried it, one of the best ways to relax and unwind after a busy day is with a gentle foot massage.  Sometimes those swollen ankles can make it difficult to stand for long periods of time.  But with a good foot massage, you can take the weight off your feet, and reduce the swelling in the legs and ankles.  But how do you choose an electric foot massager from all of the various options?  The latest designs of electric foot massager are just like a home foot spa.  In fact why pay for the best foot spa, when you can relax and enjoy a wonderful foot and leg massager with your very own home foot spa!

What are the features of an electric foot massager?

When you choose an electric foot massager, you need to know what features are offered by each machine.  Depending on whether you would like a relaxing massage or a vigorous muscle stimulation, or just a foot warmer, there are many options to choose from.  There are the features that provide a Shiatsu foot massage, there are rolling massage sensations, kneading massage actions, and vibrating foot massages.  Sometimes, the best choice of electric foot massager offers a combination of all of these features, and you can choose the settings that provide the best relief from the aches and pains.

What do you want from an electric foot massager?

The best electric foot massager should offer a range of massage options depending on what you want to achieve.  There is a whole range of health benefits to be gained from foot massage such as improved blood circulation, reduced swelling, relief from sore muscles, and general relaxation.  Here at, we care about people’s health, and we want to help people achieve the pain relief they are looking for.  We have also found an excellent foot massager for plantar fasciitis.

Here is a list of questions you may have when it comes time to choose an electric foot massager

How much can I afford to spend?

We would argue that when it comes to your health, it is worth spending a little more to get the relief from all those aches and pains.  But we understand that everyone is on a budget, so we are conscious that value for money is important to most people.  Fortunately, there is a wide range of electric foot massagers to choose from and there is a model to suit every budget.  A basic level electric foot massager may have a low cost to purchase, and might be okay for occasional use, but if you need regular massage therapy as recommended by a Doctor, then it is a good idea to choose a higher quality foot massager to deliver the pain relief that you really need.

What do I need an electric foot massager for?

If you need to improve the blood circulation in the lower legs, then you may need an electric foot massager that can delivery vigorous stimulation of the feet and lower legs.  Some foot massage devices enclose the whole foot and lower leg for a comprehensive calf massage experience, whilst others a just a flat surface on which to rest and massage the sole of the foot.  If you need to seek pain relief from medical conditions such as neuropathy or diabetes, then you need to choose an electric foot massager with medical advice as to the best option to treat those problems.  If you suffer from sore feet or sore legs after a busy day, then you might be satisfied with a gentle relaxing massage, or even a foot warming experience, to ease the tension of a busy day!

How do you plan to use an electric foot massager?

Electric foot massagerIf you need to choose an electric foot massager every day for rehabilitation, then it is important to choose a foot massager that is suitable for frequent usage.  An electric foot massager can become uncomfortable to use for long periods of time, and about 15 to 20 minutes is usually recommended.  However, if you need to seek relief from a medical condition, then you may need to choose an electric foot massager that is comfortable for more frequent usage.  If you want a vigorous and stimulating foot massage, then it is wise to choose an electric foot massager with enough power and stimulation.  If you enjoy a combination of kneading massage heads, and rolling massage nodes, and vibration therapy, then you need to choose an electric foot massager with a wide range of massage techniques.

What are the features of an electric foot massager?

When it comes to choose the best electric foot massager, there are a variety of settings and features that you should look out for.

Choose an electric foot massager that doubles as a Foot warmer

The best foot massage experience can be enhanced with the application of heat whilst the massage is taking place.  The application of heat can aid in the blood circulation, as well as ease the pain from tired and sore muscles.  When you are finished with a vigorous foot massage, you can simply choose to remain in the seated position with the foot massager providing warmth only as a relaxing way to unwind from a busy day.  If the weather happens to be warm enough, then you can simply go without the foot warmer, but still enjoy a relaxing foot massage!

Do you prefer rolling, kneading, vibration, or a combination of all three?

Different foot and calf massage machines provide a different method of applying massage sensations to the foot.  Some provide a simple rolling technique along the length of the foot, while others apply several independent applicators to reach each and every pressure point around the whole foot area.  Other foot massagers provide a stimulating vibration to ease sore muscles and improve blood circulation.  But these devices may only be suitable for short duration massages, which may not be satisfactory if you want to relax for a longer period of time.

Realistic Shiatsu Foot Massage

It is a real challenge to provide a realistic Shiatsu massage when using a mechanical device.  For those people who prefer a real home Shiatsu foot massage, then maybe a machine will never be adequate.  Without a doubt, some electric foot massage devices are better at some others in this regard, but it is really a matter for personal choice.  If you are interested in achieving a realistic Shiatsu foot massage experience, there is an electric foot massager that envelops the entire foot with an air compression technique that is very innovative, and well worth considering.

Electric foot massager Control settings

If you like to be able to control the intensity of a foot massage, then it is important to choose an electric foot massager with a variety of control settings.  For example, there may be times when you prefer a gentle or relaxing foot massage.  Or at other times you may prefer a vigorous and stimulating foot massage.  It is always best to be able to choose the intensity of a foot massage, including vibration, heating, and other personal preferences.

Electric foot massager with Remote control

It is always a fantastic idea to choose an electric foot massager with a remote control so that you can enjoy the maximum relaxation from a massage without having to break the relaxation spell.  With a remote control, you can simply and easily update the settings according to however you feel in the moment to improve your massage experience.

Where to buy an electric foot massager

There is a wide range of electric foot massager device to choose from at the Amazon store.  They offer competitive pricing, fast delivery, and have an excellent return policy in case something is not to your satisfaction.  Before you make a decision to buy an electric foot massager, you can always check the customer reviews on the Amazon sales page.  Better still, you can get an indication of the number of people who have tried the product, which is how we always recommend the best electric foot massager to buy!

We hope that this article helped you in your choice of getting an electric foot massager. Remember, these are the most popular ones, but you’ll find home foot massagers for all needs and all budgets on the market. Having an automatic foot massager is real advantage for people that are standing on their feet during hours, that practice an activity that demands a lot from the feet (jogging, hiking etc..), that have blood circulation problems and heavy legs or simply the ones that enjoy a foot massage session.

Conclusion – how to choose an electric foot massager

The best electric foot massager is a very useful device.   When you choose a foot massager, you can get relief from a range of aches and pains, from tired feet to swollen ankles and sore calf muscles. It is worth it to buy an electric foot massager for the health benefits available, which include relaxation or stimulation. We hope that we have been able to help you find the best foot massager to buy.  If for no other reason, you can choose an electric foot massager to keep you warm on a cold winter night!
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