Compex Sport Elite Electronic Muscle Stimulator Review

Compex Sport Elite  – Electronic

Muscle Stimulator (EMS)Compex Sports EMS Machine


The Compex Sport Elite Electric Muscle Stimulator is a popular and very effective EMS machine, which operates just like a portable TENS machine.  The controller sends a series of electrical pulses to the electrodes on the skin, and these pulses alternatively contract and relax the muscles.  The benefit with an EMS machine is that you can speed up all of your normal preparations for a workout session, such as faster warm ups, faster cool down, and faster recovery.

If you really want to get the full benefit of muscle strength and conditioning, then you can use the Compex Sport Elite programme settings for increasing muscle bulk and muscle tone as well.  The really cool benefit of an EMS machine, is that you can build muscle and strength in between physical workouts, without actually getting tired or suffering any muscle fatigue.  In fact, you muscles will feel completely refreshed and energized, more like a massage than a workout!


How does Electric Muscle Stimulation work?

Compex Sports Electronic Muscle Stimulator MachineA Compex Sport Elite EMS machine is best used after intense training sessions, as well as in between training sessions to promote faster recovery, and to reduce the likelihood of muscle damage and injury.  The EMS machine works by inducing a series of impulses through the electrodes on your skin, which pass safely into the muscle, causing the muscle to twitch in sync with the pattern of the impulse signal.

The Compex Sport Elite has 9 different programmes which are designed to improve your overall performance.  Some programme settings are designed for gentle pulsations which increase the blood flow, and warm up the muscle.  Some programs are designed to get rid of the waste products such as lactic and other metabolites left behind in the muscles after exercise.  Other programmes are designed for maximum muscle contractions which give the muscles a workout similar to weightlifting, without the harsh impacts on the joints and tendons and other vulnerable areas.


Summary of the benefits of the Sport Elite EMS system for Athletes

The Compex Sport Elite EMS machine a step up from the Compex Performance EMS machine, and is suitable for professional athletes, or high performance sporting teams.  This device is a great addition to any team dressing room, especially when the team learns about the benefits from using the EMS for warm ups and recovery sessions.

If you need to improve sporting performance for a big sports meet, for game day, or for a rapid turnaround from one session to the next, the best way to prepare for that big day is to use the Compex Sport Elite EMS.

Let’s take a closer look at the various programme settings, and how you can get the most out the Compex Sport Elite EMS.

Warm Up and Pre-Warm up Phases:

(2 different warm up routines)Compex Sports Electronic Muscle Stimulator (EMS) Machine

  • Warmup Phase: Before you even begin your warm up, enjoy a Pre-Warm up routine with a Compex EMS machine to relax muscle tension
  • Provides a gentle warm up routine to encourage movement, joint relaxation, and to improve the blood flow to the muscles and joints prior to commencement of exercise
  • Ensure that when you are ready to begin your training regime, your muscles are ready to operate at optimal performance
  • Reduce the risk of injury during training regime, such as using rowing machines at home.


Training Phase and increased performance regime:

  • Increase the blood flow into the muscles, to enhances the oxygen reserves for the duration of the gym session
  • muscle relaxation can help to reduce tension and muscle tightness
  • prepares the joints and muscles for performance, and enhances the reaction time for sudden movements
  • Relieves the impact from overworked joints and high stress areas of the body


EMS machine Endurance Phase:

  • Endurance: Use the Compex EMS system to significantly improve athletic endurance
  • Use the EMS machine to improve the cardio vascular performance of muscles
  • The EMS system enhances and trains the muscles through long term stimulation to increase stamina, endurance, and long term delivery of aerobic fitness


Strength and Power:Compex Sports Electronic Muscle Stimulator Machine

  • the Compex EMS system can be used between training regimes and gym sessions to build strength
  • ongoing stimulation of the muscles can provide a less strenuous way to enhance muscle toning in between sessions
  • EMS delivers ongoing muscular activity, and lower impact on the body
  • add balance and symmetry to the body between you favored and non-favored side
  • Stimulate and twitch the muscle fibers between training sessions which can increase power and strength for the next training session
  • EMS stimulation can improve the explosive muscle strength because it stimulates the deep muscle contractions within your long body muscles


Explosive Power:

  • The explosive power setting is excellent for developing short duration strength
  • the equivalent of a weight lifting workout, with out the stress on joints and tendons


Potentiation programme:

  • provides faster than normal warm up routines
  • additional warm up programme settings depending on your needs
  • does not cause the strong muscles contractions when the muscles are already tired.


Recovery Phase:

  • And to complete your workout routine, Electrical muscle stimulation can provide assistance with muscle repair and recovery
  • Reduce the amount of lactic acid build up
  • Acts to improve the metabolisation in the muscles and remove the waste products from the muscles
  • assist the circulatory and lymph systems to cleanse the body and increase the recovery process
  • EMS systems can give the same benefits of the body’s natural recovery system by increasing endorphins
  • Provide a natural way to repair and heal the muscles.


EMS machine Deep Tissue Massage:

  • The best additional programme is the massage setting!
  • designed for the benefits of deep tissue massage
  • the most effective way to speed up recovery by eliminating waste products from the muscles
  • improve blood circulation, by alternatively compressing and releasing the capillaries between the muscle fibers.


Compex Sport Elite Electric Muscle StimulatorCompex Sports Electronic Muscle Stimulator Machine

The benefit of a Compex Sport Elite EMS unit, is that you can personally enhance your own exercise, training and recovery routine from the comfort and relaxed environment of your own home.  You keep control over the whole process from warm up, to muscle conditioning, to strength sessions, and even the cool down and recovery.

The Compex Sport Elite EMS machine is a personal performance enhancing device that can you can add to your everyday training regime, with little or no impact on your body.   If you want increased performance at the same time as feeling fresher and more vitalized, then you need to add a Compex EMS to your daily workout.  With a Compex Sport Elite EMS machine you get a personal performance edge. Protection Status