Compex Wireless Electronic Muscle Stimulator Review

Compex Wireless USA Electronic Muscle Stimulator Kit

Compex Wireless Electronic Muscle Stimulator Review
The Compex Wireless USA EMS kit has got to be one of the best performance enhancement devices that is perfectly legal.

In a world of sporting achievement, where getting an edge over your rivals is the Holy Grail, there are two choices to make.  Should I take drug supplements to enhance my sporting performance and training work rate?  Or is there a drug free alternative to enhance performance, to improve muscle development, to train harder, and to get an edge over rival athletes and sports teams?

Compex Wireless: Drug Free and Risk Free

Compex Wireless Electronic muscle stimulator ReviewWith the Compex Wireless USA EMS Kit offers exactly that – a drug free, risk free, and perfectly safe way to increase your workout potential and to increase your strength, speed and agility.

This Compex wireless EMS has proven success to increase your muscle development, and when combined with your normal training and exercise workout can produce clear improvements, with minimal additional strain on the body.

Compex Wireless: Achieve your Personal Best

This EMS machine will help you to achieve your personal best, and you can use the device at home, or in the gym, as it is perfectly safe to use by yourself.  You can choose to use the EMS machine between training sessions to increase your muscle development, or before and after training sessions, to improve your warm up and relaxation cycles.

The benefit of using the Compex wireless EMS machine is that you can squeeze in additional training and development sessions into your current schedule.  With enhanced and additional training sessions, you will see clear and enhanced results of enhanced performance.  Just like getting a benefit for free!

Compex Wireless: Increase results without the additional work load

Compex Wireless EMS ReviewAnd you can achieve these improved results without the need to have to work harder to achieve bigger and better results!  This is a really important benefit of the Compex EMS process in that you will achieve noticeable results without increasing the stain and stress on your body, and without causing additional damage to the joints and tendons.

Not only will you feel stronger after a workout with the Compex Wireless EMS, but you will actually feel refreshed and your muscles are oxygenated and ready to go again.


Compex Wireless:  No hassles and no tangles

Compex Wireless Electronic muscle stimulator EMSThe benefit of the Compex Wireless electronic muscle stimulator is that you will have no problems connecting the wires and leads, and no tangles.  The Compex Wireless EMS connects remotely from the control unit directly to the electrode pads which are stuck onto your skin.

The Compex control unit is very easy to use and simple to control and select your choice of training session.   There is a total of nine different programme levels to choose from, and easy to understand instructions for use.

The Compex Wireless costs a little more than other EMS machines, but it much easier to use, no problems with leads or wires.   You can stay active and move around during a training session so that you can keep the blood circulation flowing and make the training session more interesting.


Here is a product review from a very happy user of the Compex Wireless USA EMS:

“ I really like the wireless feature of the Compex EMS.  This is an awesome workout enhancer, and I can relax when the machine is running, and I get an extra strong workout, and I don’t even have to do anything. 

So I actually use it as a relaxation tool in between hard workouts.  But really it is giving me so much more.  It is much easier to use the wireless, especially when I need to move around the gym, or the change rooms, or even in front of the TV!  

No more bunches of leads and cables, no more tangles. I recommend this device for anyone looking for a drug free way to enhance their performance!”

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Here is a list of the Compex Wireless programme setting levels:


1. Compex Wireless Resistance programme

The resistance training setting is specifically designed for muscle development, and increased performance. This programme builds muscle by alternately contracting and relaxing the long muscles which is the best method for building strength.  The resistance training session is ideal for warm up sessions, strength work, and training sessions, which can be added to your training routine with little or no extra fatigue or stress on the body.  A free workout has got to be a good thing!

2. Compex Wireless Active Recovery Programme

After a hard training session, recovery is the most important way to increase your overall performance. The active recovery programme is designed to help recover from the effects of lactic acid build up in the muscle tissue.  This setting acts to twitch the muscles in such as way as to improve blood flow, overcome muscle soreness and tightness, and to relax the long muscles to help to clear the lactic acid deposits.

3. Compex Wireless Endurance Programme

The Endurance Programme has been designed to replicate the muscle effort of an actual weight lifting session, and this setting triggers full muscle contractions and releases.  After an endurance session, your muscles will receive the full benefit of a weight lifting workout, but you simply will not feel tired, so this helps speed up the recovery process, exaggerates the muscle work, and helps with muscle stamina.

4. Compex Wireless Strength Programme

The Strength Development programme is specifically aimed to enhance muscle strength and develop muscle bulk.  Through a pre-programmed session of strong compressions and releases, this mode simulates a heavy workout in the gym, but you will not feel exhausted as if you have done a heavy workout.

5. Explosive Strength Programme

The Explosive Strength setting is yet another muscle development routine designed to amplify the effects of heavy weight training, and to really build power into your muscles.  The benefit of using the explosive strength training routine on the Compex wireless EMS is that you get the benefit of the full weight training session, but with no stress on the joints and tendons!  For example, if you feel pain in your knee after lifting too many weights, then use of the Compex EMS will provide the same muscle development but without the strain on your knees, and therefore you get the muscle workout, without the pain- awesome!

6. Potentiation Programme

The potentiation session is used when you need a rapid turnaround for your warm up routine.  The benefit with using a Compex EMS for your warm up is that you get rapid muscle activity, with virtually no cardio vascular fatigue, and no risk of tearing or damaging the muscles.  Even better, the potentiation programme is designed to really help the blood flow into the large muscles, ready for anything.

7. Pre-Warm up Programme

The Pre Warm up routine is a more moderate programme to be used in conjunction with a traditional warm up routine.  As with any sporting activity, the warm up is a crucial factor to avoid pain and injury, and this setting is an excellent and simple way to prepare your body for exertion.   However, if you find that a long and protracted warm up routine leaves you feeling breathless before the main event, the Compex Wireless EMS is a better option, because it does not result in any exertion, and saves all your energy for the big game.

8. Compex Wireless Recovery Plus

The Recovery Plus programme is similar to the Active Recovery setting, but is a little more gentle option for the recovery process.  Recovery Plus is not programmed to cause large contractions of the muscles, but is much more moderate, and therefore helps to relax the muscles after a heavy workout.  Recovery should be seen as one of the best ways to improve performance, and this setting is excellent for alleviating muscle tiredness and soreness.  That means you will be fresher for the next workout, and you will be able to enhance your performance.

9. Compex Wireless Massage programme

One of the most important features of recovery from a heavy workload is massage and relaxation.  Never forget to make time for massage and relaxation of the large muscles.  The massage setting has many applications such as before a big performance, to relax during game day, relax during the half time break, relax after the game, and to enhance recovery.  Better still, you can improve the effectiveness of your training regime by applying massage techniques for relaxation and recovery at any time during your normal daily routine, to aid in revitalization and beating fatigue.


Our Recommendation:

Compex Wireless Electronic Muscle Stimulator

If you are looking for a drug free way to improve your performance and reach your ambition for personal best, then you should look seriously at incorporating the Compex Wireless electronic muscle stimulator into your training routine.


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