HealthmateForever TENS unit Pro 8AB

HealthMateForever best tens unit

HealthmateForever TENS unit Pro 8AB

Who wouldn’t want to try a method that offers drug free pain relief and doesn’t require any sort of effort from the user? TENS machines are devices that can do exactly this for you – improving your quality of life and alleviating suffering where drugs and doctors can not help. The HealthmateForever TENS unit Pro 8AB is a small sized unit with dual channel controls that provides the ability to apply to different areas of your body at the same time.

Even more amazing, this device is available for less than $100 which is a real bargain no matter which way you look at it!  It makes the perfect gift for yourself or to give to a friend you know who is suffereing pain or similar problems. The HealthmateForever TENS unit Pro 8AB is FDA approved and can be used without the need for a prescription or any supervision from a specialist. It is a bioelectrical muscle stimulator that can be used to alleviate pain or discomfort or for those who require some work on muscular rehabilitation. It is also great to use with acupuncture sessions and to alleviate pain caused by arthritis problems, lower back and spinal pain, discomfort from fasciitis, and many other disabling health issues.


The HealthmateForever TENS unit Pro 8AB is easy to use!

HealthmateForever TENS unit Pro 8AB


This package is delivered with 4 electrode pads (hand shaped) that are adhesive and can be easily placed on your skin, 2 electrode leads, 1 international travel charger that supports from 110V up to 240V and 1 USB wire that allows you to charge the device from your computer. You will also receive detailed Healthmate Forever instructions so you can use the device as soon as it arrives without asking for any external help.




The HealthmateForever TENS unit Pro 8AB offers flexible pain relief

The HealthmateForever TENS unit Pro 8AB supports 9 levels of power starting from mild and going to extreme, thing that can be extremely useful when working with different levels of pain. Also, due to the fact that this device supports dual channel, you can use it to treat two separate areas at the same time with different levels of intensity. This is great because this way you don’t have to buy a second machine and the time you need to spend under treatment can be minimized by double application of the TENS adhesive electrodes.



We really liked the fact that the pain relief offered by this device is absolutely amazing, and can be likened to a real massage sensation. Still, you shouldn’t expect the same sensation as it offers far more than a massage treatment and actually interrupts the nerve messages to the brain which transmit pain, and therefore remove the pain sensation.


You need to remember that the adhesive pads wear off if you use them daily so make sure to stock up with some extra ones. On the plus side, you won’t see any used batteries lying around the house as the HealthmateForever TENS unit Pro-8AB uses rechargeable ones. All you have to do is stick in the outlet on the wall (you can use it while it’s charging).

To top all the advantages described up until now, the HealthmateForever TENS unit Pro 8AB also comes with a lifetime guarantee. This removes the risk from the customer and offers them a simple guarantee that HealthMateForever actually believe in their product.

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