TENDLITE Red Light Therapy

TENDLITE Red Light Therapy Anti-Inflammatory Therapy

We have included a review of the latest technology Red light therapy – the Tendlite.  The Red light Anti-inflammatory device is on our review list because in  a similar way to the TENS technology, The Tendlite led light therapy machine offers pain sufferers an innovative new method to assist with pain management.  By managing the source of the pain, medical specialists believe that the inflammations in joints and soreness in tendons can be relieved by simple application of these safe to use devices. The Tendlite infrared light therapy device applies red light therapy at the 660 micrometer wavelength which has been shown by scientific research to increase the body’s normal production of collagen.  By increasing the natural hormone responsible for healing areas of inflammation in the body, it has been shown that faster healing o f the injury is possible.

Red Light Therapy for pain relief problems

The incredible Tendlite led light therapy can be shown to provide relief for problems such as, shoulder pain or rotator cuff problems in the shoulder, tendonitis in joints, knee pain, arthritis pain, plantar fasciitis in the foot, tennis elbow golfer’s elbow and many other ailments. These problems are most usually solved by doctors who prescribe pain killing drugs but the Tendlite unit offers a natural solution by increasing collagen production directly at the site of the injury.

How does Tendlite Red Light Therapy work?

Tendlite Red Light Therapy ReviewThe Tendlite Red Light Therapy has several therapeutic benefits for sufferers of strong pain, and because it has several modes of healing and different ways of attacking pain.  Red light therapy at home is the ideal way to increase the frequency of use which is more effective.  In fact, the Tendlite red light therapy device is recommended by medical specialists for home use, to increase the amount of healing that patients can perform in between visits to the doctor.

  1. Tendlite Red light therapy provides analgesic action, which means the application of this device has been shown to actively reduce pain at the injury location. Right from the very first application, the sufferer can be relieved of pain, and this effect can increase with further treatments, as the device encourages relaxation of the muscles surrounding the site of the injury.
  2. Red light therapy at home actually promotes an anti-inflammatory response directly into the location of the injury. Blood flow and circulation is increased as a result of application of the device which at the same time as relieving pain, can also reduce the swelling, reduce the inflammation and reduce the stiffness of the joint or the muscles or wherever the site of the injury.
  3. Finally, the benefit of the Tendlite infrared light therapy is that it actively promotes repair and regeneration of the damaged body tissues. Deep tissue problems such as tendons, ligaments and even cartilage repairs can be improved and repaired faster than with other treatments.  The collagen and healing hormones that are stimulated by application of the Tendlite led light therapy will actively repair the damage around the joint tissues, dealing with all of the damaged areas, and promoting knitting together of the fibres of the muscles, ligaments and tendons, until the body is able to undertake exercise and re-strengthen the muscles naturally.

How does Red Light Therapy treatment work?

To get best results from the Tendlite Red led light therapy, you are advised to apply the device directly to the site of the injury for 2 or 3 treatments each day.  All you have to do, is simply direct the red light beam over the injury, and hold it directly over the skin for a meager 1 minute per injury location.  As simple as that!

So the Red led light therapy at home is really much faster and simpler than most other treatments, and lets you get on with your day, without lengthy treatment times, or long visits to the therapists office.  The Tendlite infrared light therapy is totally safe to use and cleared by the FDA as safe for home treatment, without the need for a trained physio-therapist or any other medical professional.  The device is very powerful, and has the penetration to go through the outer layers of skin, and reaches into the injured tissues.  By penetrating deep into the layers of damaged tissue, the Tendlite red led light therapy is able to deliver the healing properties right where you need help.


Summary – Red Light Therapy

The Tendlite red light therapy for home is a safe to use, but there is a patient warning:  if you suffer abnormal blood pressure, acute illness, fever, tumor, heart disease (or if pregnant) it is recommended that you seek advice from a doctor, or seek supervision from a trained physician.


For a comprehensive pain relief strategy, you might also like to consider a TENS machine.


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