EMPI TENS Unit Review


Empi St199584001 Select Tens Pain Management System,Empi

EMPI offers top of the range electrotherapy devices that are used the world over. They combine this with a wide range of accessories that are required for their Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) devices and their Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation (NMES) devices. These devices require additional accessories and electrodes so as to complete the unit.

The EMPI TENS is a multifunctional device that has the ability to function in three different ways. It can function as a neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES) device. It can also function as a Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation device (TENS) and finally as a high voltage device. This device is in essence a hand held version of the costly table top device found in most clinics. It operates on AA batteries that can be recharged, making it ideal for both home and clinical use.

The device releases low level charges that help the muscles contract allowing for the NMES function.

For clinicians, this device allows for the programming of the settings allowing them to customize the settings to their requirement.

Unlike other units, this TENS device comes with a program lock that ensures patients do not change the settings once they have left the clinical setting. The output intensity can be reproduced according to each patient.

This all rounder device get a rating of 4.8 stars out of a possible 5 stars due to its wide range of functions and settings.


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6 Responses to “EMPI TENS Unit Review”

  1. Kathleen L Walter

    Jun 25. 2016

    I have this unit but it quit working. Do you do repairs? I desperately need this fixed.

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    • Tens Net

      Aug 13. 2016

      Hi Kathleen, you may have to try to get in touch with the manufacturer at Empi Tens Units.

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  2. Tim

    Jul 08. 2016

    Empi has always been the gold standard for at home TENS devices. One important factor that always has placed empi above others is quality, of both the device AND the electrodes. Empi electrodes are and will continue to be the highest quality electrodes in the industry, IMO. Don’t settle for sub par, cheaply made electrodes, as this will not allow for maximum effectiveness for your at home therapy. Visit us for your Empi electrodes to ensure the best treatment available.

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  3. Becky hendrickson

    Jul 11. 2016

    I have the tens unit empi select iam looking for the wires that go to it and I eyed the pads 4×7 with the one wire on it and the one wire that plugs in to it can you help me with this?

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    • Tens Net

      Aug 13. 2016

      Hi Becky,

      One of the other comments here may have the answer you are looking for!

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  4. Laura

    Jul 12. 2018

    I have this unit and it’s the BEST I’ve ever used. Yes, it’s expensive, but so worth every penny. Our unit is now 11 years old and was refurbished when bought. It’s still going strong! The wires are still in great condition and the only thing we’ve replaced are the pads you stick on your skin. Now that I know the company closed I’m going to look for more units to buy for when this one does finally stop working.

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