Best foot massager reviews

Best Foot Massager Reviews

When we live busy lives, we spend much of our day rushing around all day long.  The irony is that all we really want to do is find a comfortable spot to relax for a while, but there ... Continue Reading →
Tendlite Red Light Therapy Review

TENDLITE Red Light Therapy

TENDLITE Red Light Therapy Anti-Inflammatory Therapy We have included a review of the latest technology Red light therapy – the Tendlite.  The Red light Anti-inflammatory device ... Continue Reading →
Witouch wireless tens unit

Wireless TENS Unit Reviews – the Ultimate Guide

Which is the Best Wireless TENS Unit? If you are tired of using a TENS machine with tangled wires, then we have some good news!  The latest technology TENS machine has gone wireless, ... Continue Reading →
TENS machines for Pain Relief

TENS Machines for Pain Relief

If you suffer from nagging pain or muscular discomfort that doesn’t seem to respond to Doctor’s orders, then maybe it is time for you to consider an alternative treatment.    How ... Continue Reading →
Compex Wireless Electronic muscle stimulator EMS

Compex Wireless Electronic Muscle Stimulator Review

Compex Wireless USA Electronic Muscle Stimulator Kit The Compex Wireless USA EMS kit has got to be one of the best performance enhancement devices that is perfectly legal. In a world ... Continue Reading →
Compex Sport Performance Electronic Muscle Stimulator Machine EMS

Compex Electronic Muscle Stimulator Reviews

Compex is a Renowned Manufacturer of Electronic Muscle Stimulator (EMS) Devices Compex have designed and manufactured a range of electrotherapy devices, and are the experts in electric ... Continue Reading →
Pain Away Pain Relief Pen

Pain Away Product Review

Pain Away Product Description Have you ever used a TENS machine?  Have you ever benefited from that wonderful feeling of pain relief when those little electrical impulses work wonders ... Continue Reading →
Compex Sports Electronic Muscle Stimulator Machine

Compex Sport Elite Electronic Muscle Stimulator Review

Compex Sport Elite  – Electronic Muscle Stimulator (EMS)   The Compex Sport Elite Electric Muscle Stimulator is a popular and very effective EMS machine, which operates ... Continue Reading →
PainGone Plus

Do you want your Pain Gone

Do you want a rapid cure for aches and pains – Pain Gone fast?  Well all of that is possible, and the best part is that it doesn’t involve drugs or any nasty side effects. PainGone The ... Continue Reading →
Tens machine

TENS machine vs EMS Machine

Either a TENS machine or an EMS machine are an excellent alternative for those looking to alleviate pain, for a safe and drug free method of pain relief.  The best part is that you ... Continue Reading →