Do you want your Pain Gone

Do you want a rapid cure for aches and pains – Pain Gone fast?  Well all of that is possible, and the best part is that it doesn’t involve drugs or any nasty side effects.


Get rid of pain with PainGone
The PainGone Pen is a portable and effective pain relief device that you can take with you wherever you go, and you can use it whenever you like.  At just over $150, this is an inexpensive way to get rid of  pain with no fuss and no expensive medications.


How does PainGone work?

The PainGone Pen is actually an electric therapy stimulator, and it works just like a miniature TENS unit (which stands for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation).  At first, I heard that it operates with some sort of crystal, and I thought that it started to sound a bit suspicious.  But when I researched a little deeper into the workings of the PainGone Pen, I discovered that that the crystal was actually a piezo-electric device, which is the same as that used to generate a small electrical charge.  Now it suddenly made sense tome, the PainGone Pen generates a small electrical impulse which disturbs the pain signals that travel around the body.  The PainGone Pen works by disrupting the pain signals that travel between the nerves, and prevents the pain message from reaching the brain.  That’s how it effectively makes the pain gone!


Is PainGone safe to Use?

Two for one offer - PainGone PenThe PainGone Pen has been clinically tested, and because it operates in the same way as a TENS machine, it is perfectly safe to use at home.  The PainGone system is easy and safe to use, whether you are at home or in the office, and a simple click of the button is all that is required to bring fast pain relief.  If you come to rely on the PainGone Pen – why not buy two and take advantage of the special deal at Amazon?

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The PainGone Pen is very easy to Use

That is the best part of this pain relief device.  We all lead busy lives, and when you have to cope with pain or discomfort, at least you know you can pack the PainGone Pen into your bag so that it is always easily accessible.  Simply press the tip of the PainGone Pen onto the skin around the painful area and press the button until you can feel the pain relief.  In fact, press the button as much as you like, it certainly won’t hurt, and will only increase the effectiveness of the device.  The PainGone Pen is effective right through clothing, and you do not need to apply electrodes or sticky gel to your skin, simply touch the pen and pain is gone!


What types of pain does PainGone deal with?

The PainGone Pen is extremely effective on a range of chronic pain and conditions such as arthritis, joint pain, neck pain, sciatica as well as back and shoulder pain.  Basically any painful condition of the muscular and skeletal systems can be treated using the PainGone Pen, and it is especially useful to assist from the recovery of long term injuries, or to speed up recovery from surgery.


Does PainGone Really Work?

PainGone sounds too good to be true!  A simple piezo-electric crystal delivers a small electrical charge through the point of the PainGone Pen, and into the site of the pain or discomfort.  Or is it simply a gimmick?

The PainGone Pen has sold millions of units around the world, and is certainly not kept as a secret by those who use it successfully every day.  In the short time it has become available, the PainGone Pen pain relief device has met the needs of millions of people who love the simplicity and effectiveness.  In fact, depending on your particular circumstances, the PainGone Penis stating as having a dramatic impact on pain and discomfort, and has definitely helped millions of people get up and going despite the debilitating effects of chronic pain.


What is PainGone?

The PainGone Pen is a very portable device, which looks for all the world like a regular pen that you can carry in your bag, or purse, or in the car.  It works by pressing the button on the end of the pen, which generates a small electrical impulse from the piezo-electric crystal inside.  With the press button model, no batteries are required, so it will never let you down, no matter how many times you click. Simply hold it against the painful area, and apply a few clicks, and you can actually feel the pain relief immediately.  Takes no more than a couple of minutes per treatment, and you can reapply whenever you feel the need to.  No drugs.  No pain.  No wires. No worries.

Get rid of pain with PainGone
Is there anything the

PainGone Pen cannot do?

The PainGone Pen is not for everyone.  Just the same way as a TENS machine may not work for everyone, the PainGone Pen may not always be effective to treat all types of pain and discomfort.  Generally speaking, everyone will achieve some benefit, but in some circumstances, you will need to seek professional medical advice for the solution to your individual symptoms.  It is also no recommended for use for people who have a pacemaker fitted, as the electrical impulses may interfere with the operation of the pacemaker.
For all other circumstances, the PainGone Pen has been tested and is safe to use at home or in the car or office, and there is no problems with overuse, or incorrect use, as long as you work within the guidelines provided by the manufacturer.


get rid of pain with PainGoneget rid of pain with PainGone

Latest Product Update!

PainGone Plus – New Model Release

PainGone Plus is easy to use

If you have tried one of these PainGone Pens, or if you are concerned that you might not be able to operate the manual press button due to sore hands or stiff fingers, then the good news is that PainGone has released a new product to help out.

The PainGone Plus pen

The latest product release of the PainGone Plus Pen includes a pain relief device with an automatic trigger system.  A single push of the button will operate the device for 30 seconds.  It comes with its own battery power, and this does all of the hard work for you.  With enough charge for 800 treatments, the PainGone Plus Pen has you covered even if you can’t operate the manual click button.  The latest model update of the PainGone Plus Pen costs a little more, at around $240, but you will not regret the decision to upgrade your existing PainGone once you see how easy and effective the updated model really is!

PainGone Plus

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