Compex Performance Electronic Muscle Stimulator Review

Compex Performance ElectronicCompex Performance Electronic Muscle Stimulator Machine EMS

Muscle Stimulator (EMS)

The Compex Performance Electronic Muscle Stimulator is also known as an EMS device, which operates in a similar fashion to a TENS machine, in that the controller directs a series of electrical pulsations through electrodes on the skin. The electrical impulses trigger a painless reaction in the muscles, which are stimulated by the electrical impulses and physically react by contracting and relaxing.  The benefit of using an EMS machine is that you don’t have to physically be doing any strenuous exercise, but rather you can actually be relaxing while letting the machine do the hard work for you!


How does Electric Muscle Stimulation work?

Don’t go thinking you can develop huge muscles while you sit and watch TV!  Rather than being a machine that can build and develop muscles, the Compex Performance Electronic Muscle Stimulator system should really be seen as a support system, to promote healing and relaxing after intense physical exercise.  So in reality, EMS is best utilised after intense training sessions, or in between training sessions to promote faster recovery, and to prevent the likelihood of muscle damage and injury.

Summary of the benefits of the Compex EMS system for Athletes

Compex Performance Electronic Muscle Stimulator systems can improve your athletic ability through the following phases of your training routine, from warm up right through to recovery.

 Warm Up and Pre-Warm up Phase:

  • Warmup Phase: Before you even begin your warm up, enjoy a Pre-Warm up routine with a Compex EMS machine to relax muscle tension
  • Provides a gentle warm up routine to encourage movement, joint relaxation, and to improve the blood flow to the muscles and joints prior to commencement of exercise
  • Ensure that when you are ready to begin your training regime, your muscles are ready to operate at optimal performance
  • Reduce the risk of injury during training regime, such as using rowing machines at home.

Compex Performance Electronic Muscle Stimulator Machine

Training Phase and increased performance regime:

  • Massage: Use the Compex EMS in a similar technique to a massage regime, whereby muscle relaxation can help to reduce tension and muscle tightness
  • Increase the blood flow into the muscles, which enhances blood flow for the duration of the exercise routine, and also during recovery
  • Ensures that your joints and muscles are completely ready for performance, and enhances the reaction time for sudden movements
  • Relieves the strain from overworked joints and high workload areas of the body


Endurance Phase:

  • Endurance: Use the Compex Performance Electronic Muscle Stimulator to significantly improve athletic endurance
  • Use the EMS machine to improve the cardio vascular performance of muscles
  • The EMS system enhances and trains the muscles through long term stimulation to increase stamina, endurance, and long term delivery of energy

Strength and Power:

  • Strength: The Compex EMS system can be used between training regimes and strenuous exercise to actually build strength and power. For example, ongoing stimulation of the muscles can provide a less strenuous way to continue muscle activity in between training sessions
  • EMS delivers ongoing muscular activity, but with much lower impact stress on the body
  • Compex believe their system is a useful tool to provide a method to add balance and symmetry to the muscles if you need to compensate for your less preferred side (exercise the muscles in your left arm if you are a right handed athlete for example)
  • Stimulate and twitch the muscle fibers between training sessions which can serve to increase power and speed for the next training session
  • EMS stimulation can improve the explosive muscle strength because it stimulates the deep muscle contractions within your long body muscles


Recovery Phase:

  • And to complete your workout routine, EMS muscle stimulation can provide assistance with muscle recovery
  • Reduce the after effects of lactic acid build up in the muscles
  • Acts to increase the metabolisation of electrolytes in the muscles and flush out the waste materials from the muscles and assist the circulatory and lymph systems to cleanse the body and enhance the recovery process
  • EMS systems can continue to provide the same benefits of the body’s natural recovery system by prolonging the production of endorphins, which is the natural way of enhancing repair and recovery of the body.


Compex Performance Electronic Muscle Stimulator

Compex Performance Electronic Muscle Stimulator Machine EMS

If you are looking for that competitive edge, or if you just want to find a little extra relief from aches and pains, then the Compex EMS can certainly help you.  Not only can you use the EMS unit to relief muscle and joint pain, but you can speed up the recovery time, reduce injury time, and generally get better more quickly!

If you want to increase your performance, you can use an EMS device to improve your strength, and also get your muscles prepared for more explosive power.

If you want to increase your training time without the physical impact of heavy exercise, you can add electric muscle stimulation to your training regime, and build your muscles while you are resting between sessions.

The Compex Performance Electronic Muscle Stimulator is a truly performance enhancing device that can easily be added to your current training regime, with little or no impact on your body, whilst actually alleviating any aches and pains so that you can recover more quickly. Protection Status